Rain Hums a Lullaby to Pain

Leonardo Mouramateus

In the year 74 BC, Titus Lucretius Carus, a young man with bold ideas, tries to convince his friend Memio that moving to the city of Rome to study is a total waste of time. Years later, Lucretius returns from the capital. Trying to find a balance between his explanations of the natural world and his emotional experience of it, Lucretius lives a deep and troubled passion with his foreign wife Isa.


[2020] IFFR | International Film Festival Rotterdam [The Netherlands]

Fiction, Experimental
2020, Portugal, Brazil, 28’

Script: Leonardo Mouramateus, Mauro Soares, Marcel Schwob
Cinematography: Manuel Pinho Braga
Sound: Marcelo Tavares, António Porém Pires
Editing: Laura Gama Martins, Leonardo Mouramateus
​Production: Maura Carneiro, Manuel Rocha da Silva, Diogo Baldaia / Areosa, Leonardo Mouramateus
Co-Production: André Mielnik, Gustavo Beck / If You Hold a Stone
Cast: Mauro Soares, Isabél Zuaa, Sandra Hung, Filipa Matta, Daniel Pizamiglio, João Fiade