The Nothing Factory

Pedro Pinho

One night, a group of workers realizes that the administration is stealing machines and raw materials from their own factory. As they organize to survey the equipment and block the relocation of the production, they are forced to stand in their posts with no work to be done, as a form of retaliation, while the negotiations for a general lay off go on. The pressure leads to a general breakdown of the workers along the collapse of the world around them.


[2017] Quinzaine des Réalisateurs - Cannes (FIPRESCI Award for the sections Quinzaine des Realisateurs/Semaine de la Critique) [France]
[2017] Le Forum des images [France]
[2017] Filmfest München (CineVision Award) [Germany]
[2017] Festival International du Film de La Rochelle [France]
[2017] Karlovy Vary International Film Festival [Czech Republique]
[2017] PriFest [Kosovo]
[2017] Jerusalem Film Festival [Israel]
[2017] Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique [Belgium]
[2017] T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival [Poland]
[2017] Toronto International Film Festival [Canada]
[2017] Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival (Adolf Zukor Prize - Grand Prize) [Hungary]
[2017] "Pacific Meridian" - Vladivostok International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Сountries [Russia]
[2017] Duhok International Film Festival (Special Jury Award for World Cinema) [Iraq]
[2017] CPH PIX [Denmark]
[2017] Film Festival Cologne [Germany]
[2017] BFI London Film Festival [UK]
[2017] Festival do Rio [Brazil]
[2017] Adelaide Film Festival [Australia]
[2017] Busan Internationa Film Festival [South Korea]
[2017] Bogota Internationa Film Festival [Columbia]
[2017] Seville European Film Festival [Spain]
[2017] Festival International du Film de la Roche-sur-Yon [France]
[2018] Pune International Film Festival [India]
[2018] International Film Festival Rotterdam [Netherlands]
[2018] Journées du Cinéma méditerranéen [Germany]
[2018] Gotheborg Film Festival [Sweden]
[2018] Portland International Film Festival [USA]
[2018] Istanbul International Independent Film Festival [Turkey]
[2018] Stockfish Film Festival [Iceland]
[2018] FICUNAM - Festival Internacional de Cine Unam [Mexico]
[2018] Hong Kong International Film Festival [China]
[2018] Dresdner schmalfilmtage [Germany]
[2018] FestIbérico - Portuguese and Spanish Film Festival [Netherlands]
[2018] Kino Otok - Isola Cinema International Film Festival [Slovenia]
[2018] Nova Cinema [Belgium]
[2018] Frames of Representation [UK]
[2018] New Directors / New Films [USA]
[2018] Centro Cultural - Município do Cartaxo [Portugal]
[2018] Labor Film Festival [Turkey]
[2018] Festival Primavera do Cine de Vigo (Jury Award for Best Feature Film) [Spain]
[2018] Construir Cine - Labour International Film Festival [Argentina]
[2018] Desobedoc Évora [Portugal]
[2018] Mostra de Cinema Português Contemporâneo [Brazil]
[2018] Taipei Film Festival (New Talent Award) [Taiwan]
[2018] CineAvante! [Portugal]
[2018] European Art Cinema Day [Argentina]
[2019] Nova Cinema [Belgium]
[2019] Cineclub Proyección [Chile]
[2019] Cineclube do Faial [Portugal]
[2021] Mostra De Portugal para o Mundo - Rio de Janeiro [Brazil]
[2021] Festival Cinespaña [France]

2017, Portugal, 176’

Script: Pedro Pinho, Luísa Homem, Leonor Noivo, Tiago
Hespanha (based on an original idea by Jorge Silva Melo)
Cinematography: Vasco Viana
Sound: João Gazua
Editing: Cláudia Oliveira, Edgar Feldman, Luísa Homem
Production: João Matos, Susana Nobre / Terratreme
Cast: José Smith Vargas, Carla Galvão, Njamy
Sebastião, J. Bichana Martins, Daniele Incalcaterra