Uproar, Eclipse

Ico Costa

In Hindu mythology, RAHU is the severed head of a demon responsible for swallowing the sun and causing the eclipses.
It is also Alex Zhang Hungtai, David Maranha, Gabriel Ferrandini, Júlia Reis and Pedro Sousa, all five in the dark, in circle, vociferating to each other, with their arms their feet their nerves, a growing, raw tension, without term, sipping restlessness through a testimony of the exploratory music in contemporary Lisbon.


[2017] Doclisboa - International Film Festival [Portugal]
[2018] Cinéma du Réel [France]
[2018] Madeira Film Festival [Portugal]
[2018] Festival Internacional de Música no Cinema (MUVI) [Portugal]
[2018] Transcinema - International Film Festival [Peru]

2017, Portugal, 68’

Director: Ico Costa
Script: Ico Costa
Cinematography: OLHOS[<>]ZUMBIR
Sound: Cristiano Nunes
Editing: Ico Costa
Production: Terratreme Filmes
Cast: Alex Huang Zungtai, David Maranha, Gabriel Ferrandini, Júlia Reis, Pedro Sousa