Childhood, Boyhood, Youth

R˙ben Gonšalves

A group of kids dream about becoming dancers, and enter a school in which, as the years go by and they grow older, their passion and skill for dance will be put to test. Set in the National Conservatory Dance School, in Lisbon, the film deals with three movements: the entrance to the school and first lessons, the end of the 9th grade, when the students have to make a decision, and the end of the learning process, in which they exit the school and the discover of the stage.


[2018] IndieLisboa – International Film Festival [Portugal] (Brand New Award)

2018, Portugal, 96’ 

Script: Rúben Gonçalves
Cinematography: Ana Mariz
Sound:  Joana Niza Braga
Editing: Margarida Meneses
Production: Fernando Vendrell / David & Golias
Co-production: Rúben Gonçalves, EDCN
Cast: Inês Lourenço, Márcio Mota, Mariana Vendrell, Miguel Pinheiro, Teresa Dias,  António Filipe, Frank Anderson,Gabriel Fratian, Gabriela Cogumbreiro, Hiroko Nishikawa, Liliana Mendonça, Luísa Vendrell, Pedro Carneiro, Pedro Mateus, Sandra Correia