The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis

Joćo Botelho

Fernando Pessoa, one of the greatest writers of the Portuguese language established a gigantic parallel universe creating a series of heteronyms to survive his loneliness of genius. José Saramago, Nobel laureate of literature in 1998, wrote this novel returning the heteronymous Ricardo Reis to Portugal, after 16 years of exile in Brazil.1936 is the year of all danger, Mussolini's fascism, Hitler's Nazism, the terrible Spanish civil war and Salazar's Estado Novo in Portugal. 

2020, Portugal, 130’

Script: João Botelho
Cinematography: João Ribeiro
Sound: Jorge Saldanha
Editing: João Braz
Production: Alexandre Oliveira / Ar de Filmes
Cast: Chico Diaz, Luís Lima Barreto, Catarina Wallenstein, Victoria Guerra, Hugo Amaro, João Barbosa, Rui Morisson