The Case of J.

JosÚ Filipe Costa

A courtroom is a theatre and a death may be staged. Two policemen are accused in a court of law of the unlawful murder of J. J’s mother is questioned by the police officers’ defense attorney, to determine who her son was: was he really who he is said to have been?  Found beside his body is a gun and drugs.

[2017] IndieLisboa - International Independent Film Festival [Portugal]
[2017] Kinoforum - São Paulo International Short Film Festival [Brazil]
[2017] Festival de Cinema de Vitória [Brazil]
[2017] Delhi Shorts International Film Festival [India]
[2017] Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale [USA]
[2017] O Dia Mais Curto - Viseu [Portugal]
[2018] Desobedocs [Portugal]
[2018] Brest European Short Film Festival [France]
[2019] Shortcutz Ovar [Portugal]

2017, Portugal, 20’

Script: José Filipe Costa
Cinematography: Vasco Viana
Sound: Rúben Costa
Editing: Francisco Moreira
Production: Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra / Uma Pedra no Sapato
Co-Production: Daniela Santos, Eduardo Ades, João Felipe Freitas / ImagemTempo
Cast: Graziella Moretto, Eduardo Gaspar, António Terra, Lília Trajano, Augusto Madeira, Marcello Melo, Marcelo Gonçalves, Lucas Sadalla