Portuguese Film Showcase in Macao and Documentary Workshop [15/06/2019]

After the last editions of the Portuguese Cinema Showcase in Macau, it seemed like the right moment to add an element of training to this event, ensuring a greater involvement of the local population.

The goals of PORTUGAL FILM - International Film Agency are not only to show Portuguese films around the world, but also to promote the national cinematography and its agents: filmmakers, actors, technical teams, producers.

Based on the evidence that the Macao International Documentary Film Festival gives special attention to Portuguese films, a connection was suggested between the Showcase and this Festival that would bring more public to the first and more activities to the second, organizing a workshop with a Portuguese director invited. The need to provide local directors with a more cinematic notion of documentary was the starting point of the idea to organize a workshop with the documentary filmmaker and film teacher Catarina Mourão, whose film THE WOLF'S LAIR was presented at the first edition of the Portuguese Cinema Showcase in Macao, back in 2016.

In the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the film THE LADY OF CHANDOR, in 2019, the director’s most iconic film, and its recent digitization, it was decided to include it in the program and invite the director to organize a workshop for a group of 15 to 20 people interested in the cinematographic documentary.

The workshop, in English and with a Cantonese translator, took place on the premises of the Orient Foundation during the weekend of the showcase and on the following days, taking advantage of the films shown to complement the talks given by the director. 

This event, which combines the Portuguese Cinema Show in Macau and the Documentary Workshop, provides a unique opportunity to promote Portuguese cinema and its agents by actively contributing to the training of local filmmakers.



Friday, 21st of June 20h30
A Dama de Chandor, by Catarina Mourão (90’)

Saturday, 22nd of June 17h30
Shorts 1 | Love & Youth | 79’
Onde o Verão Vai (episódios da juventude), by David Pinheiro Vicente (20’)
Sem Armas, by Tomás Paula Marques (15’)
Miragem Meus Putos, by Diogo Baldaia (24’)
Amor, Avenidas Novas, by Duarte Coimbra (20’)

Saturday, 22nd of June 19h30
Bostofrio, où le ciel rejoint la terre, by Paulo Carneiro (70’)

Sunday, 23rd of June 17h30
Shorts 2 | Visions of the World |
84’ Nyo Vweta Nafta, by Ico Costa (22‘)
Anjo, by Miguel Nunes (24’)
3 Anos Depois, by Marco Amaral (13’)
Farpões Baldios, by Marta Mateus (25’)

Sunday, 23rd of June 20h30
Peregrinação, by João Botelho (105’)


22nd of June 14h00 - 17h00
What are documentaries in the contemporary world of images?
Practical exercise: Dramatizing a location. Making a statement about human life through film.

23rd of June 14h00 - 17h00
Different approaches to reality. Practical exercise: Initial research transformed into a shooting plan.

24th of June 18h00 - 21h00
Different strategies to depict a character. The work with archives. Mise en scene in Documentary.
Practical exercise: Shooting of a conversation.

25th of June 18h00 - 21h00
The essayistic approach. Working with voice-over. Working with archives.
Practical exercise: Logging the rushes and the paper edit. Identifying what is missing.

26th of June - FREE
Practical Exercises.

27th of June 18h00 - 21h00
Editing: pace, rhythm, passage of time, poetry and narrative.
Screening of the final projects and discussion.