Périphérique Nord at Visions du Réel [07/04/2022]

Périphérique Nord by Paulo Carneiro (Bam Bam Cinema, Vento Forte, HEAD - Genève, Haute école d'art et de design, La pobladora cine) will have its world premiere in competition at the prestigious Swiss documentary film festival, Visions du Réel, which will take place from the 7th to 17th of April in Nyon.

After his debut as a filmmaker with his first feature film, Bostofrio, où le ciel rejoint la terre, which had a remarkable career in international festivals and which also made its commercial debut in Portugal, Paulo Carneiro signs this new film in co-production with Switzerland and Uruguay.

The film describes the journey of a filmmaker who travels 2000km towards the North where he meets some of his fellow countrymen, who have been forced to leave their country. Together, they share a love for cars. In these encounters, the vehicle becomes a prompt to discuss questions of identity and community, thus erasing the boundaries between society and territory. In the cold of the night, they find an escape from the harshness of the day.

The director, his team and Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency will be present at the festival accompanying the screenings also establishing contacts with the Industry present at the festival.

Documentary, Fiction
2022, Portugal, Switzerland, Uruguay, 72'

Script: Paulo Carneiro
Cinematography: Laura Morales
Sound: Ricardo Leal, Joana Niza Braga
Editing: Paulo Carneiro, Luciano Scherer, André V. Almeida, Alex Piperno
Production: Paulo Carneiro / Bam Bam Cinema; Pedro Canavilhas / Vento Forte; Delphine Jeanneret / HEAD Genève; Alex Piperno / La Pobladora Cine