Super Natural selected for Forum - Berlinale [15/12/2021]

Super Natural is written by André e. Teodósio, Jorge Jácome and José Maria Vieira Mendes, shot entirely in Madeira Island, is the first feature film by director Jorge Jácome. Produced by Ukbar Filmes, in a co-production with the companies Dançando com a Diferença and Teatro Praga. The film is distributed by Portugal Film - Portuguese Film International Agency, which will accompany the director and the team to the Berlin Film Festival.

Super Natural starts from the crossover between the landscape of the island of Madeira and the interpreters of the company Dançando com a Diferença — which develops its work by combining people with and without disabilities in the creation of artistic objects. The film guides the viewer through contexts, geographies, historical curiosities, video clips, confessions and moments of humor, in order to contribute to a being together that confuses looks, fiction and reality, drones and birds, robots and spiders, thus revealing us that the natural, whether of a body or an object, is always more complex than it appears to be.

With: Alexis Fernandes, Bárbara Matos, Bernardo Graça, Celestine Ngantonga Ndzana, Diogo Freitas, Isabel Gomes Teixeira, Joana Caetano, Maria João Pereira, Mariana Tembe, Milton Branco, Pedro Alexandre Silva, Rui João Costa, Sara Rebolo, Sofia Marote, Telmo Ferreira

Direction and Editing: Jorge Jácome
Script: André e. Teodósio, Jorge Jácome e José Maria Vieira Mendes
Art Direction: André e. Teodósio
Image: Marta Simões
Sound: Shugo Tekina e António Porém Pires
Music: Raw Forest, Violet
Production: Ukbar Filmes
Co-production: Dançando com a diferença, Teatro Praga

Distribution and Sales: Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency

Portugal, 85’, Color, 2022

Dançando com a diferença
Teatro Praga
Ukbar Filmes