Tindergraf wins Best Brand New Film at IndieLisboa Film Festival [08/05/2022]

Brand New is competitive section composed of films by Portuguese young filmmakers. Some directed their film in a school context; others were fearless enough to direct their first film regardless of any support. Portuguese cinema continues to affirm surprising new voices that the festival wants to support and show.

Adding to the prize award, Portugal Film offers the winner the possibility to be represented internationally maximizing its audiences and giving these young filmmakers an international reach.

In 2022, the jury with the director Gonçalo Lamas, actor João Nunes Monteiro, and producer and director Marta Sousa Ribeiro, gave Tindergraf, by Júlia Barata, the Brand New Award:

“Tindergraf stuck with us both for its plastic quality and its sense of humour, keeping the storytelling dynamic through decisions at the level of sound and acting. An unfurling of episodes between public and intimate spaces about hook-up culture, but also the search for one’s own pleasure, in the feminine.”

Women in their thirties meet men through dating apps in Buenos Aires. They search for fun and sex but also for kindness and affinity. One doesn't always find them, but these dates aren’t expressed as failures or achievements, they just draw with humour and tenderness the journey of one another, and of one's self.

Tindergraf is a filmed drawing: meters of a drawn on paper strip enlarged through a seventy’s manual toy projector. An unpredictable analogic travelling in contrast with the pragmatism of random dating.

Fiction, Animation
2022, Portugal, Argentina, 28'

Director: Júlia Barata
Script: Júlia Barata
Cinematography: Júlia Barata
Sound: Pablo Bronzini
Editing: Júlia Barata
​Production: Júlia Barata
Cast: Sol de Angelis, Leo Flores, Luli Adano, Rafael Freire, Txus Molina, Alejandro Levacov, Júlia Barata, Paco Onnainty, Titi Gutierrez