Driving Lesson on the road [21/10/2015]

After its international premiere at Festival du nouveau cinéma, in Canada, where it won a special mention from the international competition jury, Driving Lesson, by André Santos and Marco Leão is on the way to other festivals.

Starting on the 24th and until the 31st October, Cinemed - Montpellier International Festival of Mediterranean Films, in France, will present the film in its Panorama section.

In November, 16th to 22nd, Driving Lesson will be part of the international competition of L'Alternativa - Barcelona Independent Film Festival, in Spain, where the directors have won, in 2013, the GAC (Guionistes Associats de Catalunya) Prize for Best Screenplay with their previous film Bad Blood.

Almost simultaneously, between the 17th and the 21st November, the film will be presented in Tallinn, Estonia, in the international competition of the Sleepwalkers International Short Film Festival. [21/10/2015]


For more information on each of the festivals:

Cinemed: http://www.cinemed.tm.fr/
L'Alternativa: http://alternativa.cccb.org/2015/en/
Sleepwalkers: http://swff.ee/?lang=en