Portugal Film presents a short film session at Timishort Film Festival, in Romania [05/10/2016]

Timishort Filmfest, in Timisoara, Romania invited IndieLisboa - Interational Independent Film Festival to program a session representing the recent Portuguese cinema. Portugal Film joined the initiative and presented The Revolution Hunter, by Margarida Rêgo, Tow Truck Driver, by Jorge Cramez, Los Barcos, by Dominga Sotomayor, Swallows, by Sofia Bost, Farewell, Tiago Rosa-Rosso, and Driving Lesson, by André Santos and Marco Leão.

This "Focus on Portugal" was presented by Carlos Ramos, programmer at IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival.

Timishort runs from the 6th to 9th October. 

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