At Clermont Ferrand Film Market [08/02/2015]

First presence of Portugal Film in Clermont-Ferrand Film Market Part of one of the biggest festivals of short films from around the world - Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand - the Film Market is a space where about 3,500 film professionals, including producers, directors, distributors and exhibitors meet. Every year about 35 countries, more than 290 organizations, 90 distributors, 150 buyers buyers and 485 representatives of festivals, take part of this great market. Portugal Film, a structure officially launched in 2014, was present for the first time in this large market with a stand. In addition to the presentation of the catalog of films Portuguese shorts and features to potential interested in showing the film, Portugal Film Agency co-hosted a cocktail and a party to draw international attention to the Portuguese cinema, which were well attended successes. Following this event, Portugal Film has been having numerous requests from festivals worldwide. [08/02/2015]