Welcome to the World, Portugal Film! [22/01/2015]

With an increasing international recognition of Portuguese cinema comes a growing curiosity about the films produced in our country. The success of an internationalization plan depends on the ability the promoting agents have to deliver the films to other entities distributors, festivals and local exhibitors making them reach an international audience. That is what IndieLisboa intends to do with the creation of Portugal Film, an agency for Portuguese cinema.Since its inception, IndieLisboa has actively promoted Portuguese films that premiered at the festival, allowing themto have a broader international exposure. We have shown short and feature films in all languages and formats fiction, documentaries, animations and experimental films to programmers, distributors, sales agents and journalists all over the world. A structure that was born in a spontaneous way that now needs to meet a constant demand from Portuguese filmmakers and producers, who sought in IndieLisboa an anchor to reach a larger number of presentations and international sales.

This project, now taking it's first steps, communicates and disseminates Portuguese films taking into account thecharacteristics of the various agents and the specifications of each film, so that each work reaches a broader international audience. [22/01/2015]