The Fever of Maria Joćo

Afonso Rapazote

Bernardo Rapazote

Maria João lives isolated with her father. Fearing she will catch the disease carried by the wind that killed her mother, the father does not allow her to leave the house. In exchange, he narrates stories of adventure to her. One night, an ex-soldier turned wanderer of peace, knocks on their door, in search of the woman he left behind before setting off to war, unaware that she is already gone.


[2023] IndieLisboa - International Film Festival [Portugal]
[2023] vistacurta [Portugal]
[2023] Curt’Arruda [Portugal]
[2023] Mostra Nacional de Jovens Criadores [Portugal]
[2023] Caminhos do Cinema Português [Portugal]
[2024] Shortcutz Vila Real [Portugal]
[2024] Prémios Curtas (Melhor Actor Secundário - António Mortágua; Melhor Guarda-Roupa - Patrícia Dória e Inês Peres) [Portugal]

2023, Portugal, 30’

Script: Afonso Rapazote, Bernardo Rapazote
Cinematography: Leonardo Simões
Sound: Vicente Molder, Miguel Martins
Editing: João Pedro Duarte
Production: Maria João Mayer / Maria & Mayer
Cast: Rita Rocha, António Mortágua, José Martins