Savanna and the Mountain

Paulo Carneiro

The community of Covas do Barroso, in northern Portugal, discovers that the British company Savannah Resources plans to build the largest open-pit lithium mine in Europe just few meters from their homes. Confronted by this imminent threat, the People decide to organize themselves and expel the company from their lands.


[2024] Quinzaine des Cinéastes [France]

Documentary, Fiction
2024, Portugal, Uruguay, 77'

Script: Paulo Carneiro, Alex Piperno
Cinematography: Duarte Domingos
Sound: Ricardo Leal, Daniel Yafalián
Editing: Magdalena Schinca, Paulo Carneiro, Alex Piperno
Music: Carlos Libo, Diego Placeres
Production: Paulo Carneiro, Miguel de Jesus / Bam Bam Cinema, Alex Piperno / La Pobladora Cine
Cast: Aida Fernandes, Maria Loureiro, Elisabete Pires, Daniel Loureiro, Rita and Inês Mó, Nelson Gomes, Carlos Libo, Paulo Sanches