Around Rocha's Table

Samuel Barbosa

Paulo Rocha has a unique perspective on life as well as on its transposition to film. Around Rocha's Table delves into the life and work of Paulo Rocha, a cutting-edge filmmaker and founder of a new film movement that would later be dubbed "the nouveau Portuguese cinema".

This documentary film sets forth a spatial temporal reunion of all the groundwork which underlies Paulo Rocha's cinema. It also unabashedly relies on individual and personal research and reflects an intensive relationship between its author and Rocha which spanned more than ten years. It is with declared authorial intention that this film creates poetics and metaphors from Rocha's filmed thematic universes, in an attempt to establish dialogues with and between them.

There is a plethora of reminiscences of places of affection, friends and family members who give their testimony regarding their personal and professional relationship with Rocha, which frequently and seamlessly converge into one.


[2021] Locarno Film Festival [Switzerland]
[2021] IndieLisboa - International Film Festival [Portugal]
[2021] Film Fest Gent [Belgium]
[2021] Encontros de Cinema de Viana [Portugal]
[2021] Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo [Brazil]
[2021] Caminhos do Cinema Português [Portugal]
[2022] International Film Festival of Uruguay [Uruguay]
[2022] BAFICI [Argentina]
[2022] JEONJU International Film Festival [South Korea]
[2022] 6ª Semana de Cine Portugués en Ciudad de México [Mexico]
[2022] Foco Paulo Rocha - Sala Leopoldo Lugones [Argentina]
[2022] Cinemateca Uruguaia [Uruguay]
[2022] Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema [Brazil]
[2022] Entre Olhares [Portugal]

2021, Portugal, Japan, 93'

Jorge Quintela
Sound: Pedro Marinho
Editing: Tomás Baltazar
Music: Vitor Rua
Production: Rodrigo Areias / Bando à Parte; Cinemateca Portuguesa - Museu do Cinema