The Wolf's Lair

Catarina Mourão

In the mid 1950’s my grandfather was committed to a psychiatric hospital, my uncle became a political prisoner, and my mother aged 11 was sent to a boarding school. Since then she hardly saw her father and brother. Today my aunt owns the family house where some of the secrets might be kept, but my mother hasn’t gone back since my grandfather died in 1970. In this film I want to unravel the secrets and mysteries of my Portuguese family during dictatorship. The cloud of Salazar’s regime is dissipating, 38 years after the Revolution of 1974. Families can now make sense of their past, reinterpret old memories and discover new truths.


[2015] Rotterdam International Film Festival [Netherlands]
[2015] IndieLisboa - International Independent Film Festival (Audience Award for Best Feature) [Portugal]
[2015] Doc’s Kingdom - International Seminar on Documentary Film [Portugal]
[2015] IndieCork [Ireland]
[2015] Viennale - Vienna International Film Festival [Austria]
[2015] Semana de Cine Portugués de Buenos Aires [Argentina]
[2015] The Portuguese Conspiracy UK [United Kingdom]
[2015] Porto/Post/Doc Film & Media Festival [Portugal]
[2016] Mostra de Cinema Português em Macau [Macao]  
[2016] Kinemathek Hamburg - Metropolis Kino [Germany]
[2016] European Union Film Festival in Thailand [Thailand]
[2016] Filmes do Homem - Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival (Best Portuguese Documentary Award) [Portugal]  
[2016] Rencontres Films Femmes Méditerranée [France]
[2016] Doku.Arts Film Festival [Germany]
[2017] Prémios Sophia [Portugal]
[2017] Nucivo - Núcleo de Cinema e Vídeo da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa [Portugal]
[2017] Instituto Moreira Salles [Brazil]
[2017] Mostra Internacional de Cinema Fronteiras [Portugal | Spain]
[2018] "Martes de Cine. Proyección de ‘Amor’ y el documental ‘A Toca do Lobo’" [Spain]
[2019] Portuguese Women Directors - ICS [Portugal]
[2019] Le Zola Cinéma [France]
[2019] Universidade Federal de São Carlos [Brazil]
[2020] C.A.L. - Cinema ao Ar Livre [Portugal]
[2021] No País do Cinema 2021 [Portugal]
[2021] Frames - Portuguese Film Festival [Sweden]
[2021] COCP - Clube Objetivo Cinema em Penafiel [Portugal]
[2022] Kino Sõprus [Estonia]
[2023] Portuguese Embassy in Kaunas [Lithuania]

Documentary, Fiction
2015, Portugal, 102’ 

Script: Catarina Mourão
Cinematography: João Ribeiro, Catarina Mourão
Sound: Armanda Carvalho
Editing: Pedro Duarte, Catarina Mourão
Music: Bruno Pernadas
Production: Maria Ribeiro Soares
Co-Production: Laranja Azul
Cast: Catarina Mourão, Maria Rosa Figueiredo