Water Hazard

Alexander David

A pre-adolescent kid spends a family summer holiday at a golf village. A newly built lake on a golf course becomes the backdrop to a mysterious encounter. And the discovery of an unknown other becomes the discovery of the unknown self.


[2024] IFFR | International Film Festival Rotterdam [The Netherlands]
[2024] Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen [The Netherlands]
[2024] Sunny Bunny LGBTQIA+ Film Festival [Ukraine]
[2024] Pink Apple Filmfestival [Switzerland]

2024, Portugal, France, 23'

Script: Alexander David, with collaboration of Tiago Siopa, Kate Saragaço-Gomes and Vicente Paredes
Cinematography: Marta Simões
Sound: Marcelo Tavares, Xavier Thieulin, Benjamin Laurent
Editing: Tiago Siopa
Music: Marcelo Tavares
​Production: Pedro Fernandes Duarte / Primeira Idade, Emmanuelle Latourrette, Fábrice Préel-Cléach / Offshore
Cast: Ada Costa, Evie Gomes, Vicente Parades, Alice  Azevedo, Andreo Gustavo, Leandro Patrocínio, Rafaello Dante Costa, Tomi Erza, Gael França