Driving Lesson

André Santos

Marco Leão

While a teenage boy learns how to drive, a woman walks her elderly dog through the woods. As the evening settles she realizes that it’s not too late to take action.




[2015] IndieLisboa - International Independent Film Festival [Portugal]
[2015] Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (International Competition Jury's Special Mention) [Canada]
[2015] Cinemed Montpellier [France]
[2015] L'Alternativa Barcelona [Spain]
[2015] Sleepwalkers International Short Film Festival [Estonia] 
[2015] Caminhos do Cinema Português [Portugal]
[2015] Festival de Cinema Luso-Brasileiro [Portugal]
[2016] Cortéx - Festival de Curtas-Metragens de Sintra [Portugal]  
[2016] Shortcutz - Lisboa [Portugal]
[2016] Prémios Sophia [Portugal]
[2016] Shortcutz - Funchal [Portugal]
[2016] Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival [Canada]
[2016] Mostra de Cinema Português em Macau [Macao]
[2016] Timishort Film Festival [Romania]
[2017] Cinema Português: Novos Olhares - Cinemateca Portuguesa [Portugal]
[2017] Roma Creative Contest [Italy]
[2017] Porto/Post/Doc Film & Media Festival [Portugal]
[2018] Stuttgarter Filmwinter — Festival for Expanded Media [Germany]
[2018] Close-up [Portugal]
[2018] A Gulbenkian e o Cinema Português [Portugal]

2015, Portugal, 17’ 

Script: André Santos, Marco Leão 
Cinematography: André Santos 
Assistant Director: Emídio Miguel
Sound: Marco Leão
Sound Mixer and Editor: Pedro Góis
Editing: André Santos, Marco Leão
Color Correction: Marco Amaral
Music: Bruno Cardoso
Production: João Figueiras / Blackmaria
Cast: Maria João Pinho, João Soares dos Reis, Anaïs