Blue Has No Dimensions

Ágata de Pinho

Ara had always believed she would disappear at twenty-eight years old. With that birthday approaching, she pursues the most basic feelings of existence in the water, the sun and the sublime. The state of trance is a wholesome place, alien-like, pervaded by invisible forces.

When Ara realizes where her belief came from, she's propelled to catharsis: does she disappear?


[2022] IFFR | International Film Festival Rotterdam [The Netherlands]
[2022] IndieLisboa - International Film Festival [Portugal]
[2022] Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival [Greece]
[2022] Leiden Shorts [The Netherlands]
[2022] Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival [Portugal]
[2022] DokuFest [Kosovo]
[2022] Edinburgh International Film Festival [Scotland]
[2022] Hong Kong International Film Festival [Hong Kong]
[2022] Split Film Festival - International Festival of New Film [Croatia]
[2022] Porto Femme [Portugal]
[2022] Helsinki International Film Festival - Love & Anarchy [Finland]
[2022] Tampere Film Festival Pop-up gallery @ Pispala Clothing [Finland]
[2022] KFFK - Film Festival Cologne [Germany]
[2022] Cork International Film Festival [Ireland]
[2022] Caminhos do Cinema Português [Portugal]
[2022] Entre Olhares [Portugal]
[2022] Exground Filmfest [Germany]
[2022] Mar Film Festival [Portugal]
[2022] Queer Porto [Portugal]
[2022] Triste para Sempre (Honorable Mention of the National Competition) [Portugal]
[2023] Prémios Curtas (Award for Best Fiction Short Film; Award for Best Director; Award for Best Actress; Award for Best Script; Award for Best Cinematography)[Portugal]
[2023] Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival [Spain]
[2023] Rebentos [Portugal]
[2023] Shortcutz Lisboa (Best Short Film in June 2023) [Portugal]
[2023] Shortcutz Ovar [Portugal]
[2023] Not So Happy Film Festival [Sweden]
[2023] GAZE LGBTQ+ Film Festival [Ireland]
[2023] CineEco [Portugal]
[2023] Festival Cinespaña [France]
[2023] Tacoma Film Festival [USA]
[2023] Mimosa Labor [Germany]
[2023] Festival international du court métrage de Dijon "Fenêtres sur Courts" [France][2024] Prémios Curtas [Portugal]

Fiction, Documentary
2022, Portugal, 20'

Script: Ágata de Pinho
Cinematography: Leonor Teles
Sound: Bernardo Theriaga, Joana Niza Braga
Editing: Alexander David, Tiago Siopa, Ágata de Pinho
Production: Ágata de Pinho, Filipa Reis / Uma Pedra no Sapato
Cast: Ágata de Pinho, Diana Sá, Maria Gil, Maria Alice de Pinho, Íris