Metamorphosis’ Chantings or That Time When I Incarnated as Porpoise

Ainá Xisto

Driven by will to give life and realizing the hinder it’s inevitable to face the spiral of time. An abyssal record guided by morethanhuman relations through internal landscapes and authentic conversations to reestablish the flow of Metamorphosis: leaping from being to being like new ways of saying I.


[2024] Cinéma du Réel [France]
[2024] Ann Arbor Film Festival [USA]

Experimental, Documentary
2024, Portugal, Brazil, 12’

Script: Ainá Xisto
Cinematography: Ainá Xisto
Sound: Ainá Xisto, Bernardo Bento
Editing: Ainá Xisto, Brás Moreau Antunes
Production: Ainá Xisto, Brás Moreau Antunes / Escola das Artes - Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Cast: Ainá Xisto, Evani Moreira Maia, Hinho Moreno, Pajé Natto Tupinambá