A mother bathes her baby, while other children play with the water coming from the sprinklers. Between intimate and familiar images, something begins to unravel: spaces are transformed, allowing trauma to surface.

Starting from a personal memory and from the notion of water as a vital but also potentially destructive substance, "The Bath" takes us on an immersive journey through childhood’s states of perception, exploring the materiality of water in parallel with the materiality of film.


[2022] IndieLisboa - International Film Festival [Portugal]
[2022] FIDMarseille - International Film Festival Marseille [France]
[2022] Festival dei Popoli [Italy]
[2022] ZINEBI [Spain]
[2022] Exground Filmfest [Germany]
[2022] Porto/Post/Doc [Portugal]
[2022] Laceno d'Oro Film Festival [Italy]
[2022] BOGOSHORTS [Colombia]
[2023] Ibn Arabi International Film Festival [Spain]
[2023] Porto Femme [Portugal]
[2023] (A)Mostra de Cinema Português [Portugal]
[2023] BuSho – Budapest Short Film Festival [Hungary]
[2023] Frames - Portuguese Film Festival [Sweden]
[2023] vistacurta [Portugal]
[2023] Festival Jóvenes Realizadores - Granada Film Fest [Spain]
[2023] Entre Olhares [Portugal]
[2024] ARQUIVO & PESQUISA: Relatos Sagrados [Brazil]

Fiction, Experimental
2022, Portugal, Spain 8'

Sound: Inês Adriana
Editing: Maria Inês Gonçalves, Diogo Vale
Music: Margarida Gonçalves, Meadow Brooks
Production: Maria Inês Gonçalves, Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola
Cast: Júlia Neuparth Troni, Ana Carolina Dias Cortez, Diogo Botelho, Raquel Botelho, Raquel Seabra