Joćo Botelho

Fernão Mendes Pinto worked on his book for 9 years in the 1570s, but it was only published posthumously in the 1614. ‘The Travels of Mendes Pinto’ is an unparalleled story and account of one of the greatest adventures ever lived. Based on book excerpts as well as true, verified events although others were only possibly experienced by this adventurer and writer throughout his life and work (as John Ford once exclaimed, ‘When the legend becomes fact, print the legend’), I present a literary adventure story and a musical epic poem.

[2018] Prémios Sophia (Best Characterization / Special Effects, Best Wardrobe, Best Make Up and Hair) [Portugal]
[2018] Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo [Brazil]
[2018] IndieLisboa London Sessions [UK]
[2018] LEFFEST - Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival [Portugal]
[2018] Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português [Portugal]
[2018] Kerala International Film Festival [India]
[2019] Festival Latitudes [Portugal]
[2019] Mostra de Cinema Português em Macau [Macao]
[2019] Casa das Mudas - Madeira [Portugal]
[2019] Laceno D'Oro [Italy]
[2020] C.A.L. - Cinema ao Ar Livre [Portugal]

2018, Portugal, 105’

Script: João Botelho
Sound: Francisco Veloso
Editing: João Braz
Production: Alexandre Oliveira / Ar de Filmes
Cast: Cláudio da Silva, Catarina Wallenstein, Cassiano Carneiro, Jani Zhao, Pedro Inês