Júlio Alves

"Sacavém" is a journey through Pedro Costa’s films and focused on his work on "Casa de Lava", "Ossos", "In Vanda's Room", "Colossal Youth" and "Horse Money". Built on the visual and sound landscape of Pedro Costa’s films and accompanied by his owns reflections on the matter, "Sacavém" serves the audience has a window on how Costas cinema is sensed and conceived.


[2019] IndieLisboa - International Film Festival [Portugal]
[2019] New Horizons Film Festival [Poland]
[2019] Busan International Film Festival [South Korea]
[2019] La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival [France]
[2019] Ji.hlava International Film Festival [Czech Republic]
[2019] Portuguese Film Festival Seoul [South Korea]
[2019] Panorama Coisa de Cinema [Brazil]
[2019] Gijón International Film Festival [Spain]
[2019] Caminhos do Cinema Português [Portugal]
[2019] Torino Film Festival [Italy]
[2019] Porto/Post/Doc Film & Media Festival [Portugal]
[2019] Laceno d'oro [Italy]
[2019] Transcinema - Festival Internacional de Cine [Peru]
[2020] International Film Festival Kino Otok - Isola Cinema [Slovenia]
[2020] Beldocs - International Documentary Film Festival [Servia]
[2020] International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries Pacific Meridian in Vladivostok [Russia]
[2020] Close-Up - Casa das Artes de Famalicão [Portugal]
[2020] Athens Avant-Garde Film Festival [Greece]
[2020] Entre Olhares - Mostra de Cinema Português [Portugal]
[2020] Festival Cinematografico Internacional del Uruguay [Uruguay]

2019, Portugal, 65’

Script: Júlio Alves
Cinematography: Miguel Saraiva
Sound: João Alves, Hugo Leitão
Editing: Hugo Santiago
Production: Júlio Alves / Midnight Express
Cast: Pedro Costa