Júlia Barata

Women in their thirties meet men through dating apps in Buenos Aires. They search for fun and sex but also for kindness and affinity. One doesn't always find them, but these dates aren’t expressed as failures or achievements, they just draw with humour and tenderness the journey of one another, and of one's self.

Tindergraf is a filmed drawing: meters of a drawn on paper strip enlarged through a seventy’s manual toy projector. An unpredictable analogic travelling in contrast with the pragmatism of random dating.


[2022] IndieLisboa - International Film Festival (Brand New Award) [Portugal]
[2022] L'Alternativa - Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona [Spain]
[2023] Colón Cinema [Spain]
[2023] Porto Femme [Portugal]
[2023] Festival de Cine de General Pico [Argentina]
[2023] BuSho – Budapest Short Film Festival [Hungary]
[2023] Message to Man IFF [Russia]
[2023] Girona Film Festival [Spain]
[2024] Elas iam e não sabiam para onde, mas que iam - Ciclo de Cinema [Portugal]

Fiction, Animation
2022, Portugal, Argentina, 28'

Script: Júlia Barata
Cinematography: Júlia Barata
Sound: Pablo Bronzini
Editing: Júlia Barata
​Production: Júlia Barata
Cast: Sol de Angelis, Leo Flores, Luli Adano, Rafael Freire, Txus Molina, Alejandro Levacov, Júlia Barata, Paco Onnainty, Titi Gutierrez