Living Bad

Joćo Canijo

A hotel by the northern shore of Portugal welcomes its guests over the weekend. A man is torn between being present for his wife and the space that his mother takes up between the two of them. A mother encourages her daughter’s marriage to enable her own love affair with her son-in-law. Another mother lives through her daughter, preventing her from making her own decisions. Three families at the end of their cycles of acceptance.


[2023] Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival [Germany]
[2023] International Film Festival of Uruguay (Best Director Award) [Uruguai]
[2023] Istanbul Film Festival - İKSV [Turkey]
[2023] Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival (Lady Harimaguada de Oro, Audience Award) [Spain]
[2023] Lichter Filmfest FrankfurtInternational [Germany]
[2023] IndieLisboa - International Film Festival (Best Portuguese Feature Film) [Portugal]
[2023] Festibérico [The Netherlands]
[2023] ZINEGOAK [Spain]
[2023] New Horizons Film Festival [Poland]
[2023] Arte Mare, Festival du film méditerranéen [France]
[2023] Festival do Rio [Brazil]
[2023] Chicago Film Festival [USA]
[2023] Viennale [Austria]
[2023] Ankara Film Festival [Turkey]
[2023] Festival CINEUROPA - Santiago de Compostela [Spain]
[2023] European Film Forum Scanorama [Lithuania]
[2023] Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival [Taiwan]
[2023] Portuguese Cinema Days in Berlin [Germany]
[2023] AFI European Union Film Showcase [USA]
[2023] Exibição em Rabat [Morocco]
[2023] ICA | Institute of Contemporary Arts [UK]

2023, Portugal, France, 125'

Script: João Canijo
Cinematography: Leonor Teles
Sound: Tiago Raposinho, Elsa Ferreira
Editing: João Braz
Production: Pedro Borges / Midas Filmes
Cast: Nuno Lopes, Filipa Areosa, Leonor Silveira, Rafael Morais, Lia Carvalho, Beatriz Batarda, Leonor Vasconcelos, Carolina Amaral