Where the Summer Goes (chapters on youth)

David Pinheiro VIcente

It’s summer, a boy and his friends go to the river. On the ride there, a story is told about a man and his pet snake that tried to eat him. The boy falls from a tree trunk and gets hurt. A girl follows him. A couple kiss each other, another boy explores the woods and a third one just lays by a tree eating a peach.
In four chapters, the heat and the humidity of the forest unravel desires among them.


[2018] Berlin International Film Festival (Germany)

Fiction, 2018, Portugal, 21’
Director: David Pinheiro Vicente
Script: Rita Jorge and David Pinheiro Vicente
Cinematography: Joana Silva Fernandes
Sound: Miguel Coelho
Editing: Laura Gama Martins
​Production: Lisbon Theatre and Film School / Raquel Rolim Batista
​Cast: Miguel Amorim, Joana Peres, Rodrigo Tomás, Joana Petiz, André Simões, Rodolfo Major​